European Impact Investing Platform (EIIP) is the solution for global impact investors seeking to transform their investment strategies in professional financial products distributable worldwide.

Structured as a SICAV-SIF, EIIP is the first umbrella fund in the world – fully regulated AIFMD and based in Luxembourg – entirely dedicated to Impact Investing strategies by third party organizations.

Powered by the B-Corp FARAD Group, EIIP works as an incubator and accelerator for Impact Investing funds. Its pivotal role is to gather professionals from the financial industry willing to guide impact investors in the design of a tailor-made financial product that fits a determined investment strategy and market target.

  • EIIP is the first fully regulated AIFMD umbrella fund in the world entirely dedicated to Impact Investing strategies promoted by third party.

  • EIIP provides solutions through a sustainable approach that takes into account social and environmental issues. It provides a wide range of services dedicated to impact investors and sustainable finance promoters.

  • Discover more about F&S Global Sustainable Land and Social Housing, the first sub-fund launched within EIIP.