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About Us

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About Us


European Impact Investing Platform (EIIP) is the solution for global impact investors seeking to transform their investment strategies in professional financial products distributable worldwide.

The platform is powered by FARAD Group, the first financial B-Corp in Luxembourg which encompasses companies specialized in insurance and finance since 2001: FARAD International, FIA Asset Management, SELECTRA Management Company.


Mission and Vision

EIIP works as an incubator and accelerator for Impact Investing funds. Its pivotal role is to gather professionals from the financial industry willing to guide impact investors in the design of a tailor-made financial product that fits a determined investment strategy and market target.

We apply an impact-driven approach to create returns for both investors and society. With EIIP, we support impact investors in achieving both strong economic returns and the highest degree of positive social/environmental impact by transforming their strategies into concrete and structured products dedicated to finance professionals.

Why should we focus on Impact investing?

We believe that now more than ever the financial industry cannot possibly look only at short term benefits and profit maximization without paying attention to the paths leading to the result. Impact Investing is a mainstream asset class and social and environmental spill-overs are the third dimension of investment choices, along with risk and economic return. Therefore, a focus on sustainability, either environmental or social, is core to our success.

We believe in sustainability and in the power of financial vehicles to fund projects helping to solve society’s most pressing long-term challenges.

As B-Corp, we act responsibly in order to respect and daily nurture our ethical principles.

Thanks to EIIP, we empower investors to identify sustainable opportunities that have significant growth potential.




The Platform


Structured as a SICAV-SIF (Specialised Investment Fund ), European Impact Investing Platform (EIIP) is the first Luxembourg based fully regulated AIFMD umbrella fund in the world entirely dedicated to Impact Investing strategies promoted by third party organizations.

EIIP aims to help Impact Investing strategies promoters to turn simple ideas in concrete professional financial products dedicated to worldwide investors.


By combing a solid turnkey structure with partners specialized in the funds industry and a network of financial and sustainable finance professionals, EIIP is the perfect box where impact investors can be helped in designing their financial product. Within our framework, a fully AIFMD compliant Impact Investing fund can be set-up, managed and distributed in international financial markets, at competitive time-to-market and costs.

All the financial vehicles launched through EIIP benefit from the AIFMD European Passport, which authorise their distribution in each European Union Country.

Moreover, given its nature of umbrella fund, EIIP coordinates and leverages synergies in this growing sector acting as the ideal hub for worldwide investors and promoters, asset managers, financial advisors and all Impact Investing professionals.



Key People




Marco Caldana is Chairman of FARAD Group, SELECTRA Management Company, FIA Asset Management and FARAD International. After graduating with a degree in Banking, Finance and Insurance from the Università Cattolica of Milan, Marco Caldana has acquired extensive experience in the financial sector in several international firms.



Graduated as Finance Engineer from Politecnico di Milano, Marco Cipolla worked first for an Italian management company and then, from 2007 to 2013, as project manager for FIA Asset Management. Managing Partner and member of the Board of SELECTRA Management Company, he also acts as conducting officer and member of the board for other Luxembourg companies and investment funds.



Holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg, Francesco Nardo benefits from over 15 years’ professional experience in the financial industry in Luxembourg. Prior to joining SELECTRA, Francesco has been Client Relationship Manager at State Street Bank and Project and Change Manager at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg. Today, Francesco Nardo supports the development of SELECTRA Management Company as Relationship & Business Coordinator Manager.


Independent consultant in impact investing space, Vincent oswald has been active in the microfinance universe since 2008. He co-founded and served as the CEO of Azure Partners SA. Before that, he worked for Blue Orchard Finance for three years, as an Investment Analyst responsible for the financing of microfinance institutions in Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia and he developed BlueOrchard’s coverage of these regions. Prior to moving to the microfinance sphere, he worked for Credit Suisse in the Central & Eastern European Markets and for BNP Paribas. He has developed a strong knowledge in emerging markets and in creating startups in emerging countries.




PhD in Private Law at the University of Pisa, he was admitted to the Bar in November 2005. In 2004 he was researcher at Stanford Law School. From 2010 he coordinates the department of banking law and debt restructuring at law firm Lambertini and Associates. He deals mainly in corporate crises and restructuring agreements, as well as banking regulation. He is Legal Advisor for SEFEA.








SELECTRA Management Company


SELECTRA Management Company is a Luxembourg AIFM authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). Established in 2013, today it manages 11 SICAV implementing different strategies: equity, bonds, balanced, SRI, private equity, real estate, venture capital, real estate, renewable energy and impact investing.

In order to improve the management of EIIP, SELECTRA has created an internal organism called Impact Committee that includes members of GECES (European Commission Group of Experts on Social Entrepreneurship), SEFEA (European Ethical and Alternative Finance Society), SELECTRA itself and other independent professionals of the sector.

Finance & Sustainability


F&S is a consulting firm specialised in sustainable finance corporate operations.


Impact Finance Advisor

Innpact offers specialised consulting services in the establishment and management support of Impact Finance Initiatives with a strong expertise in vehicles supporting sustainable development sectors such as microfinance, climate finance, fairtrade, education, housing, biodiversity, responsible agribusiness or social entrepreneurship.


KBL European Private Bankers

Custodian Bank

KBL is a European leading firm in private banking and custodian services. Based in Luxembourg, it provides professional banking services to EIIP.



Central Administrator and Transfer Agent

Amicorp Group is a growing independent global provider of company secretarial and fiduciary services. They provide entity administration services including company, trust and fund administration services, assurance services, and outsourcing services. Amicorp acts for EIIP as Central Administrator, Transfer Agent and Domiciliary.


Arendt & Medernach

Legal Advisor

Arendt & Medernach is the leading independent business law firm in Luxembourg. The firm’s international team of more than 300 legal professionals represents Luxembourg and foreign clients in all areas of Luxembourg business law from our head office in Luxembourg and it has representative offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York and Paris. Arendt & Medernach offers to EIIP legal advice in the investment funds and impact investing spaces.


Deloitte & Touche

Impact Measurement Advisor

Deloitte’s Sustainability professionals take a practical and business-focused approach to helping companies build sustainability into their strategy and operations as a way to improve and protect margins, build brand value, and enhance risk resilience with the goal of supporting business growth. They work with companies to evaluate and develop sustainable strategies that can help drive toward near-term and long-term results. Our sustainability consultants are experienced at identifying opportunities across the value chain and across industries to create potential resource-based financial value. Deloitte offers to EIIP advice in the identification and calculation of impact measurement indicators and social reporting.



Duff & Phelps

Real estate valuer

Duff & Phelps is the premier global valuation and corporate finance advisor with expertise in complex valuation, disputes and investigations, M&A, real estate, restructuring, and compliance and regulatory consulting. It offers to EIIP valuation services for Social Housing related assets.