In providing our solutions at EIIP we apply a sustainable approach that takes into account social and environmental issues. This approach is reflected in the services we offer to impact investors and sustainable finance promoters:

Sustainable Finance Consulting: our consulting service focuses on our clients’ needs and on all the aspects linked to the choice of a particular impact investing strategy (related to market, geographical area or organization.

Design of Impact Investing Solutions: our professionals are able to develop tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of each strategy promoter. The process starts from the analysis of the strategy’s goals and the definition of the social impact to achieve or problem to tackle, and develops through the design of a possible solution including portfolio modelling, business model creation, and a deep analysis of the distribution, financial and legal framework.

Set Up of Impact Investing Funds: thanks to the umbrella fund structure, within EIIP it is possible to set-up many impact investing funds following different investment stragegies or focused on varius geographical areas. Our experienced team always proposes the best possible option at competitive costs and time-to-market.

Impact Investing Fund’s Management: EIIP provides professional services in the management of impact investing funds, third parties oversight, distribution strategy implementation, financial control and reporting, asset management, social impact measurement and reporting, legal assistance and customised services.


We turn your impact investing strategy into a proper financial vehicle dedicated to institutional and professional investors